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We are currently fundraising for Animal Rescue Cumbria, who helped one of our dogs Belle to get healthy and rehomed. At Easter we will be canoeing the great glen across Scotland to raise much needed funds for the charity - please help support them. 


To see the full story - just go to our fundraising page!



About Canine Company

Hello, I'm Elise and here is my story. 

Throughout my life I have owned nervous and reactive dogs but it was my current dog, Mylo Anubis who set me on my path to becoming a dog specialist. He was like a wild beast when I rescued him and I was determined to understand and train him. Like many owners, I made mistakes along the way but today Mylo is a much calmer and happy dog and our bond is so strong it amazes me. Through training Mylo I was saved, he made me realise my dream of working with dogs. I quit my job as a teacher and have never looked back. 

I know how you must feel about your dog, as I have felt it too. I was scared to let Mylo off the lead for the first time, I felt alone and isolated, feeling like a bad owner as I couldn't control my dog. I was frustrated that he wasn't learning quick enough or had no friends. With all my heart I love him and would have put up with poor behaviour just because he is family. But I was determined to improve his quality of life, and mine! This is why I set up Canine Company. My goal is to improve the life you have with your dog. Creating a powerful bond, mutual respect and understanding is at the centre of everything I do. I am passionate about building confidence in dogs and owners so that they can continue to enrich each others lives. As it should be!

You do not have to suffer with your dog, pulling your arms off on walks, chewing the furniture or jumping up. Despite how you feel, you are not alone. Help is here and we specialise in providing a confidence building program to get your dog back on track. 

To learn more about my story, why not buy my book "Waggy Tails - An Adventure into Dog Walking." It details the struggles I had as a novice owner and the many hilarious escapades I have had as a professional dog walker. Available now on Amazon. 

The Team

Elise - The Queen of Canine Confidence

I specialise in nervous dogs and provide owners with the tools to help them bond with their dog. I teach the training & agility classes at our secure field. When I am not working with dogs like enjoy relaxing in virtual reality or sewing. 

John - Chief adventure trekker and medical specialist

John is my wonderful ever supportive husband who quit his job in pharmacy to work with me and the dogs. He is our dedicated medical specialist and canine first aider. John has won awards for customer service and is always happy to chat about his hobby of home-brewing.

What Our Customers Say

Couldn’t ask for a more friendly, trusting dog walking service! My dog Ralph has been walking with Canine Company for nearly a year now and due to my shift pattern they always fit Ralph in! I wouldn’t use anybody else!

Jessica Shaw - 18/10/2018

What Our Customers Say

Charlie is always exhausted after his walks. He absolutely loves going with John, Eli and the rest of the gang. Always prompt, trustworthy and dogs are put first especially in this recent hot weather.

Joanne Berry - 20/08/2018

What Our Customers Say

We're so glad we starting using Elise and John's walking service. They take our (sweet but quite mad) terrier, Dilly, out twice a week and she comes back exhausted and so happy. She gets great doggy socialising time and running about time, and we know we can trust Elise and John to take good care of her and all the other dogs. It's also a very good sign that Dilly actively tries to get into their garden to cuddle them every time we take her past their house, so clearly she's a fan too!

Georgia Pye - 28/06/2017

What Our Customers Say

Digby our Labrador has been having energetic & fun walks with Elise & John now since January. They are very trustworthy / reliable people & when you talk to both of them it is clear how much they care about each & every dog they walk. Digby loves playing /walking with others dogs, which comes across in the photos they put of every walk on Facebook. I would highly recommend them if you want a happy & tired dog when you get home from work.

Joanne Kissock - 26/06/2017

What Our Customers Say

My dog Albie has being going on walks with Eli and John for just under a year now, they take incredibly good care of him and he always comes back tired and happy. Eli and John are extremely professional and dedicated and have been very accommodating and flexible at short notice. I feel happy and confident leaving Albie with them both knowing he is in safe hands and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their brilliant company to others.

Lucy Ashworth - 06/02/2017

What Our Customers Say

Our collie Finn has been so well looked after by John and Elise - it gives me amazing peace of mind knowing he is so well cared for while I am at work. He clearly loves going out with his mates and we are so pleased by their caring attitude- always let us know if any concerns about him and we can wholeheartedly recommend Canine Company

Kate Vaughan-Jones - 27/03/2018

What Our Customers Say

Would highly recommend! Eli and John are lovely people who are great with our dog Lola. Lola has been walking with them since she was 8 months old and socialising with the other dogs has definitely benefited her. Thank you so much to you both.

Sophie Richer-Eaton - 20/04/2017

What Our Customers Say

Such lovely people, Jarvis loves going out with Canine Company like they are his second family. It’s like sending your child to a perfect nursery haha.

Ashley Walker - 27/03/2018

What Our Customers Say

We would be lost without your dog walking company, our dog always comes back exhausted due to the fun and fabulous exercise you constantly give her and the fact she adores you both makes the whole service absolutely perfect. Thank you

Siobhan Taylor - 26/06/2017

What Our Customers Say

My little dog Mr Mumble has been going out with Eli and John just over 3 weeks now as I have just moved to the area recently. And I can not sing their praises enough. They are brilliant and wonderful with him, and so understanding because to say he can be quite a handful is an understatement. He has boundless energy and can be very naughty at times., but they are so patient with him, he loves going out with them. Can not thank them enough they are a lovely couple.

Barbara Procter - 30/04/2017

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